1,706 Responses to “How Bad is Tablo’s “Bad” and The Rest of Fever’s End?”

  1. nhoki says:

    you guys should stop saying that joining YG means “morph(ing) into a plastic k-pop idol” because it is not true. Yes you have big bang and 2ne1 but PSY, Gummy, Jinusean, Masta Wu and other underground artists are also part of YG family. 

  2. ic says:

    OMG!! I seriously love Tomorrow~
    “Till you come back, everyday is yesterday.” Totally gonna keep ho song on the loop.
    Tablo, stay epic as always.

  3. First, I’m happy for Tablo that he’s survived the hate and verbal assaults on his integrity and family.

    Second, I’ve never really paid attention to Tablo’s music per se. I mean, I listen to his songs but I’m too busy to invest my time into understanding the dynamics of “genre de Tablo”, or to defend his critics who say he’s crossed over.

    Thirdly, and this is my opinion, I have learned to lower my expectations regarding audio-visuals in Kpop. Although stellar music videos have blown me away a few times, I do not see that as a competitive advantage to “original” artists. It’s give or take; its either the song is bad and visuals appealing or the song is amazing and the wardrobe’s like “huh?” One a side note, I doubt that the point of the Bad music video is to show Tablo winking at some random girl in a coffee shop…

  4. ic says:

    you know what, i think the whole Tablo joining YG is just being overanalyzed. 

  5. Justine says:

    I genuinely enjoyed Tablo’s Fever’s End and love each and every song but Bad was not my most favorite, I have to say. Just like some critics I was also disappointed with the MV and ranted on twitter a couple of times (to YG mainly) that Tablo is not GD nor TOP and that I felt that his look right now seems very forced and YG.

    I loved my preppy Tablo from before and while I’m not saying that his evolution is bad (I just don’t like it) I feel like YG should have just made a slow gradual change rather than slapping us with a guyliner-ed Tablo. But when it comes to Tablo it’s always been about the music anyway so I don’t really have to watch the MVs (truthfully I couldn’t finish it) and just enjoy his music for what it is: pure, honest and great.

    Airbag and Try are my favorite songs. I can’t wait for the release of part 2.

  6. i love Bad, Try, Airbag and Tomorrow him joining YG doesnt bother me at all. The MV was fine to me i think it represented what the lyrics were saying even though sometimes it was a bit confusing and his live stage was awesome. i’d also like to say Jinshil who features on Bad her voice is amazing i love that unique sort of rasp to her voice

  7. Novita Widia says:

    Good music is good music, no matter what company are you under as long as you make top-notch quality music, it’s okay for me. Actually when I heard him joining YG, I didn’t make fuss about it. I believe YG can handle their soloists well, without messing it up with their idol music. I’m just so glad, he is able to make music again, and come back with the new image which I believe is stronger, darker, and more charismatic than he used to be. 

  8. Issy says:

    Having just listened to the second part of Fever’s End, to me it’s even better than the first set of songs.  I will definitely buy the second part as soon as it comes up on iTunes in the US tonight.  I liked Tomorrow instantly when I heard it the other day.  The hook on that song is great.  Thankful Breath’s growing on me with every listen, I love the chorus on it.  The Source and Dear TV haven’t really grown on me yet.  Expiration Date’s my favorite of the second half of Fever’s End.  It has a dreamy melancholy feeling I love and it’s nice to hear Tablo singing in such a breathy tone. 

    I don’t think joining YG was a bad thing if this is what results.

    Add me the list that thinks we need to hear more from Jinshil.      

  9. Anon says:

    tablo was wearing guyliner long before he joined yg

    and he was wearing ”fashionable” hats too

    this is not directded specifically at you, but it amazes me that so many epik high fans have forgotten that epik high has worn guyliner, fur, spikes, and all the other things only yg supposedly puts their artists. their selective memories in order to beatify epik high in order to convince themselves that yes epik high was high art and has never participated in the pop part of kpop and put down yg amuses me to no end.

  10. Anon says:

    i loved both part 1 and part 2 of tablo’s album and think that joining yg was the best decision for him. it might have been an emotional decision hugely influenced by his wife but that’s the place he’s at rn. he’s emotional, hurt and needs support and yg will give it to him in a way woollim didn’t. yg’s decision is also not just business. it’s a risk to take on tablo but he’s taken the risk and the new album, the mv, the lives only prove that it’s a partnership that works.

    i also don’t understand why people are so quick to assume tablo had no say whatsoever in the mv. if he hasn’t given up creative control over his music, why would one assume he’s given up control over the visuals? nothing about psy changed when he joined yg. not his music, not his style, not his mvs. yg mvs have been banned for less but i’ve yet to see one with this level of violence and overt sexuality (and i’m not taking about the big-boobed hip-hop mv girls that used to decorate jinusean’s mvs). the dark mv suits the song to a tee.

    can he tone down the guyliner? sure. but i said the same thing in 2007 with run. it’s not like tablo’s never worn guyliner, fur and whatnot before.

  11. Justine says:

    In my defense, I’ve only ever known Tablo from watching too many variety shows and I didn’t get into Epik High until about a year ago, before his issue blew out. I guess I forgot about guyliner Tablo in the High MV..there’s something about this recent video that screams YG. I have nothing against them, I’m just not used to this change yet.

  12. Anon says:

    I’m not trying to defend yg but they don’t really have a specific style when it comes to mvs. 2ne1 does.bigbang used to but now they don’t. but gummy, se7en’s and psy’s mvs fit the songs and not yg. same with the bb solo/sub-units. what all their mvs have in common is a certain finesse and slickness, nothing else. all the other frippery is not limited only to yg.

  13. theoneone says:

    anyone knows if he raps about his past situation and how it affected him and his family?  if so let me know what track it is.

  14. Mary Noona says:

    I really wish people would stop over analyzing this situation. Though this MV was pretty disappointing, as the artistic value from thier MVs always seem to tie their songs together and this one doesn’t do this… at all, but really, I think people just want to find a reason to hate the fact that Tablo joined YG and nothing more.

    2NE1 and Big Bang don’t make up all of YG. The greatest asset Tablo has right now is his music. And he did not fail, in fact, he releases have been amazing so far. And to that, thank you for writing this :3

  15. Je-An says:

    people really need to stop dissecting and analyzing everything that tablo does now that he joined YGE.. why can’t we just focus on the music that he just released since that’s what he put out.. trying to reach out to everyone what & how he did before and after the scandal… visuals are just added bonus to his music…

    besides i remember seeing ‘guy-liner’ on him and mithra on their EH music video ‘RUN’ ..

    besides i do think that the music video portrays not violence but how you endure pain and such when it comes to love.. that no matter how happy and full of feelings you get when it comes to love.. the downside is pain and hurt but you don’t feel it or see it because you’re in love, that’s why it’s bad.. OMG, i analyze it.. oh wells.. :P

  16. Tablo&Taeyang says:

    Excuse me? This is completely wrong. Part 1 and 2 is absolutely amazing and honest, unlike other music that we hear. You might have to start listening to the lyrics and maybe you will understand hater.

  17. Idk, I couldn’t imagine a different story line for “Bad”, tbh.

    I agree that the stage with Taeyang that was half MV, half performance was a little weird, but I think it was like that to take away the awkwardness of Tablo performing and not really dancing along with the backup dancers—not that I ever expected him to, anyway. And it’s not like he could have two performances of him rapping in a leather chair in one show.

  18. That’s pretty much the whole album, though. He wouldn’t directly talk about the situation but the songs describe how he felt and what he went through emotionally. Especially in “From the Bottom”, a song he wrote for his wife; it describes how sad he was that she had to go through all of this with him, and you can hear his daughter talk at the end.

    That one made me cry.

  19. Is it the fur jacket?

    You know, it’s really cold in Korea this time of year…

  20. Guest says:

    i thought it was a nice way to keep the spotlight on tablo and keep taeyang fanboys and fangirls who were in the audience happy.

  21. angel29 says:

    YG is just right for Tablo.  I would have been really concerned about the “plastic kpop idol” as you put it if he signed with SM.  Again, just thinking out loud.

  22. anon says:

    Google and Youtube solve all problems – personally when I like a group/soloist, I track down as much as I can about them whether it was last month to a few years ago…which is why I don’t get when people who “like so and so” don’t bother to search up on them…it’s right at your fingers instantly. So to those who bash and say it never happened before or complain to complain – a little research would do some good.

  23. irma ayu says:

    lol, knowing it, is good, but its waaaay too over analyzed.
    i mean, what if he joined YG. its not like he started Teddy-nized himself, using autotunes here and there. his music is still Tablo, i dont really see some significant differences from his past music. Dear TV really remind me  of the whole map the soul album, sometime i wonder if these “oh-so-underground” people really gave a fuck about him before or just didn’t like YG in general.
    btw, why people is bitching so much that he entered YG its just the matter of agencies, but (im sorry) no one bitching that the fact Tasha use too much autotune in her latest song and it sound like 2NE1. why cuz she still “oh-so-underground”? i LOVE her, but gotta admit, her latest song is not her.
    and Fever’s End is for me THE BEST ALBUM that came out this year.

  24. Gazza says:

    … you DID read the article, right?

  25. Justine says:

    I think it’s the combination of everything lol.. I’m just really not used to it yet. Probably will, in time.

  26. Justine says:


  27. Kpopboi says:

    Don’t really care about Tablo joining YG. He’s still a musical genius, albeit the change in direction since his Tajinyo saga. I just dont want teenage fangirls diluting the already awesome fan demographic he attracts – you know the one’s im talking about – the one’s more attracted to the fact he collabed with Taeyang, than anything else.

  28. MEE says:

    You also forgot about HIS WIFE being a part of YG too. 

  29. I agree with you on that. unfortunately, the idea of an artist (in every sense of the word) joining a label known for producing idols’ music is just too bitter a pill to swallow. I’ve never fallen over heels for YG, SM, or JYP but I think if any management company can respect the individuality of its artistes its YG. We should all calm down, lol

  30. Davie says:

    Personally, I thought the video was really good. I watch it almost everyday and I enjoy it. I am glad that “Tomorrow” MV finally came out because I wanted tk see and hear the song. With or without Taeyang the song was great. I am Tablo biased and reading this article made me a little made because I felt as if the person was complaining. Can’t you just appreciate that Tablo is back.

  31. lay says:

    i believe some of these people who ‘over-analyze’ and love to complain about Tablo joining YG are just people who have a beef against YG (for whatever reason ..). i bet they don’t even really understand what are they complaining about … heh.

  32. Wondergeneration says:

    Is epic high under yg as well?

  33. Guest says:

    epik high is on a hiatus for the next 2 years because mithra is in the army bt they seemed to have left woollim completely. tablo’s contract with yg is for 4 years and both yg and the other two members of eh have said they’re keeping their options open about the future.

  34. yowza says:

    I am loving Dear TV. There is something so beautifully raw and honest about the beat and lyrics. It’s interesting how much can be said in such a few skillfully chosen words. “I’m lookin’ for nirvana but you deaffenize me. Point me to the skies till heaven’s eye bleeds. Anoint me with your lies then divinize me.”  The power and influence the media and public can have is frightening.

  35. Anon says:

    so infinite are not idols then or do they escape that tag because they belong to the same company as nell and epik high?

    as for yg producing idol music, masta wu, jinusean, wheesung, gummy, psy, big mama, 45rpm, moogadang, stony skunk, itym, perry, and lexy would beg to differ. that’s 90% of the artists who’ve been connected to yg in the last 15 years. heck, some of their idol soloists don’t do idol music either. taeyang and top (and gd when he’s with top) probably produce the least radio-friendly idol music ever.

    too many people are caught up in what yg is not – a hip-hop label, a non-mainstream company, a small, indie label – to even look at what yg is and it makes complete sense for tablo to sign with them.

  36. Lizzie Heart says:

    Aside people complaining about he being a YG guy, what I dislike is people who don’t know tablo well and says ”this is the power of YG” when they see how well Tablo is doing and how good his songs are, they say ”YG always do awesome musics” WTH? Tablo was the one who did the songs and he is good not because he is in YG but because he IS GOOD.

  37. I bet you didn’t read my reply well lol. Your comment is confusing but I guess you’re saying that YG music isn’t an idol label and give artistes more freedom?? If that’s your point then we are somewhat on the same page. My point is that YG is known for debuting idols but they differ in their management style. A whole different ball game in Korean music industry. So does it make 2ne1 less idol-ish? No.

    As for whether YG is really an idol company is a debate for another time. Flip a management style over using unconventional means and you’d have different outcomes…that’s YG. Very creative, but overall they produce idols. What they do best that no other label does if that they ACTUALLY prepare their artistes for that transitioning period during which the idol image is shed. That’s my opinion. Your rebuttal is welcome, lol.

  38. ygfamily says:

    wtf, are you implying that YG produces plastic Kpop idols and that they only produce recycled bubblepop music. BIGBANG is currently second in the EMA belfast competition, if you dont know shit then gtfo. 

  39. Guest says:

    no i read your comment and my problem is the assertion that yg is known for debuting idols when they’ve debuted one male idol group, one female idol group, and one male idol soloist in 15 years.

  40. Okay I get what you mean. I shall go back and do my home work thoroughly before such assertions next time lol.

  41. Rainstormraider says:

    But Taeyang still ruined a perfectly good song.
    Why is someone who is tone-deaf and can’t sing live allowed to ruin Tablo’s perfection?
    Oh yeah, because Tablo signed with YGE.
    That’s why.

  42. Rainstormraider says:

     ”Plastic K-Pop idol”?
    While Bom is at YGE and Dara is in 2NE1?
    I can’t even.

  43. Kellner says:

    I yet need to listen to the second part of the album, but i love the first. The songs touch my heart, tablo is a genius.

  44. dusted&disgusted says:

    Are you kidding me right now. If theres any kpop figure I respect it would be Taeyang. Compare his voice to Usher’s or Ne-Yos. They’re pretty similar. Honestly good music is good music no matter who it comes from. I for one appreciate what YG’s done with their groups cause its a lot less plastic than the other companies. Taeyang’s album was incredible. Not bubblegum poppy at all. Taeyang and Tablo make a great pairing.

  45. fangirl. says:

    If you’ve been reading/listening to Tablo’s commentary about this album, Tablo himself says that before he actually signed with YGE he had already asked Taeyang to do the featuring.
    I know Taeyang isn’t the best vocalist out there, but the fact that Tablo himself chose Taeyang actually means something.

  46. Nanayosoonana says:

    i love u
    I’m your fan
    i love your song
    you look so cute in this  song


  47. Alina says:

    hello tablo i am you fan
    i have watch your video and i love it and i like all of your song i can’t wait for the next  song
    keep up the good work

  48. Sasha Eli says:

    If Tablo is going to be attached to ANY label that makes mainstream music it should be YG. none of them are cookie cutter idols and all have a fairly good amount of freedom with their tracks, so… don’t make that assumption. YG is trying to change the way “idols” are viewed (I personally hate that word from the bottom of my heart and wanted eradicated) and I think YG and Tablo can only help each other as artists. 

  49. Sasha Eli says:

    ((ps sorry for graverobbing, just saw this article now))

  50. Juju TheChan says: